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Like button Wikipedia.
Instagram like button is indicated by a heart symbol, users can use the like button by double tapping on a post they like and there is no limit to number of posts they want to double tap. In July 2019, Instagram conducted a test of hiding a number of likes on users posts from followers, meaning that users can see the count of likes but not their followers.
Like Wikipedia.
The appropriateness of its usage as a conjunction is still disputed, however. In some circles, it is considered a faux pas to use like instead of as or as if, whereas in other circles as sounds stilted. As a noun edit. Like can be used as a noun meaning preference" or kind. She had many likes and dislikes.
Like Definition of Like by Merriam-Webster. Merriam-Webster Logo.
1: such people as: such things as reads the likes of Austen and Browning. 2: such a one as and perhaps others similar to usually used with disparaging overtones have no use for the likes of you. 3: the kind or sort of a fantastic celebration the likes of which had never been seen before Joseph Heller.
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likes Wiktionary.
plural of like They'd' never before seen the likes of them. They'd' never before seen the likes of him. I'd' never seen their likes. 2010, October 30, Andy Hunter, in Liverpool owner says Fernando Torres and José Reina are going nowhere The Guardian.:

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